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A high back chair may very well be the solution you need if you suffer from chronic back or neck pain. Here’s why.

Many times these issues can be traced back to using incorrect posture while sitting, but the traditional chairs that we have become so accustomed to, which only provide partial support to the back, certainly don’t make it easy to use correct posture, at least for very long.

The benefits of proper ergonomics, of which one major principal encourages us to sit up straight at all times, is largely dependent on being actively aware of body position, always making adjustments to ensure correct posture. But what happens when, say, you’ve been working all day in the office and fatigue sets in. You’re exhausted and all you want to do is lean back in your chair to relax and get some respite. The only thing is, you can’t when you are using a chair that doesn’t support the upper back nor head. The natural tendency is to then slump down in your chair. I can tell you as a person who works in an office myself, we often do this without realizing it. It is our body’s natural response to try and compensate for a chair that lacks full back and head support. However, this incorrect body position places a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower and middle back, as we are practically using these areas to brace up against the seat and keep ourselves propped up.

Furthermore, if this inadequate seating doesn’t cause us to slump in our chairs, then we are likely to hunch over in our chairs. This unfortunately can also cause injury, as it places a lot of stress on the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

When you use a high back chair, you get full support to your back and neck. You don’t have to work so hard to sit in the correct upright position because the chair does all work for you. This is a godsend if you have a desk job. Instead of fighting your chair and dealing with back pain, you can sit in relaxation and comfort, and will be able to devote more of your concentration and energies into your work. You will feel as though a heavy burden as been taken off your shoulders (literally, and off your back and neck too! ), and will often find that it leads to a less stressful, more productive day.

It is unfortunate that employers, who are always watching out for the company’s bottom line first, typically don’t purchase high back chairs for their employees. So, if you are an employer or have some say in company operations, listen up…It is estimated that back pain alone costs the American economy over $3 billion every year in workers’ compensation and insurance claims, as well as paying out sick hours. This doesn’t the include the cost of neck, shoulder, and hip injuries, which have been linked to poor posture in the work place. And if you take a little more time to research it, I am sure that you will find that prices on some high back chairs will be the same as low to mid back chairs. Consider it an investment on your employees. A healthier employee is a more productive, profitable employee.

If you are an employee, go to your human resources department to see if the company will be able to provide a high back office chair for you. Many times you will be accommodated. I did, and I got one. It was used, but my back feels so much better. If your request is denied, it may be worth purchasing one on your own given the overwhelming health benefits of using one. You can buy them brand new online, usually for as little as $70. Or if you are willing to buy one used, you can scout local yard sales on the weekend. In fact, I was able to buy one for my home office for $10 from one of my neighbors.

But the benefits to having a high back chair is not only meant for work life. You can also find designs appropriate for use at home, such as for your dining room, family room, and even for your outdoor areas. We highly recommend you invest in some of these too. Your home is your sanctuary, your body is your temple. Treat them as such. If anything, you want to be as healthy, if not more, for your family, as you are for your employer. For more information, please read the other posts featured on our blog.

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